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8th September 2005

lukeria5:47pm: Hello!I'm glad to welcome you to the first russian community,about collecting toys from chocolate eggs-
See you later!!!!!!!!!

6th June 2005

vinyl_for_stars12:33pm: this was a pretty popular clapping game...

miss mary mack, mack, mack
all dressed in black, black, black
with silver buttons, buttons, buttons
all down her back, back, back
she asked her mother, mother, mother
for fifty cents, cents, cents
to see the elephant, elephant, elephant
jump over the fence, fence, fence
he jumped so high, high, high
he touched the sky, sky, sky
and didn't come back, back, back
'til the fourth of july, ly, ly.

so was this:

oh playmate, come out and play with me
and bring your dollies three,
climb up my apple tree.
slide down my raindbow,
on through the cellar door
and we'll be very best friends,
for ever more, more, shut the door!

so was this:

a sailor went to sea sea sea
to see what he could see see see
but all that he could see see see
was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea.

...and there was a very similar one about a bear climbing a mountain only to see the other side, but...it has escaped my mindflaps. i'll bet it's still in there somewhere.
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22nd March 2004

molotov_bitch4:00pm: hello kiddies, have any variation on this? I used to sing it completely innocently in the playground and it was only when I was 14 that I realised it was about prostitutes. I used to sing it in front of my mum and all....

We are the golden girls
We wear our hair in curls
We wear our dungarees
To show our sexy knees
I met a guy one day
Down the alleyway
He gave me fifty pee (or fifty pence)
To go behind a tree (or fence)
I counted one two three
He stuck it into me
I counted four five six
He pulled it out again
My mamma wants to know
Why did my belly grow
My Daddy jumped for joy
It was a baby boy

1st October 2003

juicy699:57pm: haha i forget what this even is buuut for anyone who's still here
x-posted to all the communities i'm in (just in case you cared)

i got new cell phone!!! okay, so this is kinda old news (circa last friday) but the excitement is still in me and i hear it ring only like once a day :-/ soooooooooooooooooooooo if you'd like to call and LEAVE A MESSAGE go ahead! anytime! (702)349-3079

yuuup. leave a message. after the beep
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15th February 2003

azurelunatic1:49pm: Yo Momma
My mother, your mother
Lived across the way.
Every night they'd have a fight
And this is what they'd say:

Ikka bikka bakka soda cracker

3rd October 2002

lasayla5:13pm: Dialogue Dips
Three little monkeys sitting in a bed.
One fell out and bumped his head.
What colour was his blood?
The one who lands on letter G will surely not be it.

There's a party on the hill would you like to come?
Bring your own bread and butter and your own cream bun.
Can't afford it.
Who is your best friend here?
delusionallee will be there,
With her knickers in the air
And her dress turned inside out
O-U-T spells out!

Racing car, number nine.
Losing petrol all the time.
How many gallons did he lose?
The one who lands on number six will surely not be it.
Current Mood: okay

2nd October 2002

Dress in yellow,
Went upstairs
And kissed a fellow.
How many kisses did she give?

It was a jump roping rhyme.
delusionallee10:47am: Eeny meeny miney mo
Catch a tiger by the toe
If he squeals, let him go
Eeny meeny miney mo

My mother
Punched your mother
In the nose.
What color
Was the blood?

[pick color, ex. blue]


And you are OUT!

It was how we narrowed it down to picking who was It in Tag or who was team captain for Red Rover.
lasayla1:44pm: Inaugural post
Hey everybody, (well technically there's just me here, but I'm about to go bug people to join,) welcome to doggerel. I'm kicking things off with what is quite possibly the best known dip in the world...

Eeny meeny miney mo
Catch a tiger by the toe
If he squeals, let him go
Eeny meeny miney mo
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